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At Cloud Life we take you from developing your cloud solution to continuous management of your IT software infrastructure. We make sure your cloud solution is always up-to-date, cost-effective and ready to meet the changing needs of your organization.


Let us manage your cloud

Cloud Life has extensive experience in successfully managing your critical infrastructure both in multiple cloud and on-site environments. We align our managed solution to your original infrastructure requirements. This gives you the agility you need to deploy faster and offers less complexity than ‘off-the-shelf’ architectures.


Ryan Ryke, the CEO and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) certified (#1317) Solutions Architect Professional oversees your cloud or hybrid infrastructure.


Our Managed Services offering ensures your cloud architecture continues to perform and delivers the platform your business needs. We provide you with the 3 key points for top performance: choice, security and scalability.



The Performance trio


To deliver business objectives.


Select to ensure system security.


Match for less complexity.

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance in a cloud environment is a shared responsibility. On AWS, Amazon is responsible for the underlying infrastructure, and you are accountable for the configuration of your services.

Our AWS certified consultants can help give you the expert guidance you need to safeguard your data and meet any compliance requirements. Whether it be PCI, FISMA, SOX, HIPAA, or GDPR, we ensure your configuration adheres to the relevant standard.  

Cloud governance

As organizations accelerate innovation in the cloud, security and compliance become increasingly complex.

Our skilled consultants have a proven track record in assessing, planning and implementing governance standards. By helping you formulate policies that adhere to the relevant standards we can help reduce your business risk.​

Resource and Cost Optimization

Achieving the highest return from your cloud investment is our primary goal. Our consultants can help you optimize your AWS resources and costs. Leveraging tools and our deep understanding of the platform, we identify spend over time, project future costs, and identify areas that need further inquiry.  

Our SLAs

Downtime of any kind in today's cloud-first world could detrimentally impact your business. Our Managed Services offering is designed to meet the needs of organizations that require stringent SLAs.

At Cloud Life Consulting we provide guaranteed SLAs and rapid response to any technical issue. Our team of certified cloud experts takes a proactive approach to ensure your cloud services stay online, all the time.

We manage, you prosper!
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