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The cloud lifts automation to a whole new level. Unlimited scalability and added flexibility unlock the multiple benefits devops can deliver for your business.

See all of the DevOps functions Cloud Life can do for you!


Legacy applications and infrastructure are a challenge for many organizations. As your business grows, you can no longer run everything off one server.

​Leveraging the cloud you can break down your existing monolithic environment into manageable parts. Modern architectures rely on many unique micro-services working in unison. Using the cloud we can transform your existing IT platform into multiple moving parts, increasing your agility and ability to scale.


Scale Independently 

As business needs evolve, different parts of your infrastructure may require increased capacity or additional functionality. A decoupled application allows you to apply extra resources to specific bottlenecks, helping you ensure the entire process runs smoothly.


Leveraging the power of Chef (, we are able to automate the commissioning of servers, and bringing them into the computer pool rapidly and efficiently.


As user demand increases, servers are added gracefully without the need for any intervention or additional planning. We call this ‘host level automation’.

Continuous delivery and integration

Giving your development team the capability to automate their production releases can give your business that competitive edge it needs. Cloud automation gives your developers the ability to automate the process of pushing tested code updates into production. By helping you automate your code deployment process we provide you with one of the cloud’s greatest enablers.

Monitoring, logging and performance

Our monitoring and management service gives us the actionable insights we need to ensure the performance and uptime of your AWS cloud workloads. By understanding your system health in real-time, we can respond to any incident and provide system-wide performance and resource optimization.

Infrastructure as code

Leveraging AWS CloudFormation we significantly ease the process of provisioning IT resources in the cloud. Utilizing Infrastructure as Code, we automatically build, manage and provision solutions through code execution. Using this process, we enable both visibility and reproducibility for your organization.

Automated Testing

Speed and time to market are vital in a digital economy. We can help you set up the relevant measures to streamline your software delivery process. With continuous integration, you can initiate builds and automate the process of deploying your solution onto your AWS instance.     

We develop a solution for your success
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