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Whether you are migrating from on-site servers to the cloud, between cloud providers, or to an enhanced cloud architecture, we can help you.

In this section you can see how we migrate from different environments, and the migration functions we perform at Cloud Life Consulting.

Moving from on-site to the cloud

We have found that many organizations start their journey to the cloud with uncertainty. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we are here to help you make a seamless transition. Whatever your starting point, we align your business requirements with the relevant cloud services. The end result is a cloud-based solution that is easier to manage, scales more efficiently, and provides a scalable platform for business growth.



We leverage the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework on every project. This approach ensures your migrated solution conforms with every industry best practice. The end result is a cloud solution that is secure, reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.



Our certified consultants are also experienced in migration projects that cover hybrid scenarios. If you want to run certain workloads in the cloud while leaving others on-premise, we have the skills to architect a solution for you.


Architecture migrations


If performance, stability, or security challenges burden your existing platform, our certified consultants can migrate you to a new architecture on AWS.​


Utilizing our proven approach, we can help you implement the relevant standards while ensuring stability and performance. Post-migration we configure the appropriate log monitoring to ensure your new platform is stable, easy to monitor and maintain.

Cloud-to-Cloud migrations

Our cloud expertise is not limited to AWS. We have extensive experience building hybrid architectures across different platforms. Being an operating system-agnostic organization, we can deliver a fully functional hybrid architecture using any operating system in any location.

Migration Functions

Discovery and Planning

Discovery and Planning

Before starting your migration, we help you discover your IT workloads and identify their dependencies and requirements with sophisticated tools. Leveraging this information, we then formulate a comprehensive migration plan, ensuring your seamless move to the cloud.

Workload mobility

We execute workload migrations by capturing your host server, storage, and network state configuration and then provisioning and configuring the appropriate AWS target resources.

Application profiling

Before you migrate, we help you gain valuable insight into your potential cloud workloads by capturing and analyzing performance data and usage. We actively monitor dependencies before and after migration to ensure a consistent user experience.

Data migration

Migrations involving the transfer of large data sets and databases can be complex and time-consuming. Leveraging the latest technology, we help you transfer large volumes of data rapidly and efficiently.

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