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Discover How Many IPv4 Addresses You will be Charged For

Starting Feb 1, 2024 AWS will charge your account for every IPv4 in your account whether it is attached or not. That is approx. $45/year for every single IPv4.

Here are AWS services that can assign public IPv4s

  • EC2

  • EIP

  • RDS database instances

  • EKS nodes

  • RedShift nodes

  • Elastic Beanstalk

  • Database Migration (DMS)

  • Elastic Container (ECS)

  • Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)

  • Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

  • NAT Gateway

  • Global Accelerator

  • AppStream 2.0

  • Workspaces

  • Site to Site VPN

Know exactly what IPs you have assigned

Before you start to change your environment it would be best to know exactly what IPs you have assigned. Fortunately AWS created a tool just for that job

View Public IP insights - In order to make it easier for you to monitor, analyze, and audit your use of public IPv4 addresses use Amazon VPC IP Address Manager available no charge.

  • Note: your Cost and Usage Report (CUR) now includes comprehensive usage data related to both in-use and idle public IPv4 addresses. You should know that as of June 1, 2024 the CUR will be deprecated and replaced by Data exports which is accessible now.

To view public IP address insights from the console follow these steps.

  1. Log into your account with admin permissions. Enter and click on this in your browser or from the Console Home page search for VPC IP Address Manager and click there.

  2. On the left side of the VPC IP Address Manager page in the navigation pane you will see different options click on Public IP Insights found under Monitoring.

  3. Assuming you haven’t already created an IPAM you will see a message “No IPAM found…”and then a blue bar , click on the Create IPAM link. Note: If you want IPAM to monitor resources across your organization, the IPAM must be created in the delegated administrator's account

  4. Check and fill in the following boxes

  • Allow data replication

  • Choose the Free Tier radio button. Information on difference in the free and paid teir found here

  • Pick a Global name - creates a tag with a key of Name and a value specified here.

  • Add a description (optional)

  • Select operatin regions - this is where IPAM will discover public IP addresses.

  • Add another Tag (optional)

  1. Click the Create IPAM link at the bottom of screen

Note: It will take some time for your public IP addresses to appear. Recently assigned public IP addresses also take some time to appear.

To view details for a public IP address (after a few hours)


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