There is no question that running a business takes a lot of work, especially if you are a small business without the support of thousands of employees. You want to make sure you’re providing quality service in a timely fashion without overspending. Technology has come a long way and is an integral part of many businesses today. Everyone uses some form of technology whether it’s the internet, email, spreadsheets, or more advanced systems like databases or industry-specific software. Businesses operating fleets on any scale need technology to keep track of individual vehicles, drivers and more.


One of the most effective and ever evolving forms of technology which can help with fleet management, streamlining of data, business growth and remaining up to date is the Cloud. You may have already used the Cloud for some capacity in your business but chances are you can harness it more effectively and put it to even more use for your business. Most business owners don’t understand everything the Cloud can do and it can even seem more expensive than its worth. However, as the following points prove, there are many ways you can optimize your use of the Cloud and with the right cloud service provider you can revolutionize the way you manage your fleet.


One Hub For All Your Information

Anyone managing a fleet of any size has a great deal of data and information to manage and coordinate. You need to know where your vehicles are going and what jobs they have for the day. You also need to know if the job is done or if there is a problem with the vehicle as well as timely service reminders. There is a whole list of information you need to know at any one point. You also have a business to manage and need to know about profits, sales, and other business-related information to keep everything running smoothly.

The Cloud provides you with easy access to all your data from a single central hub. Instead of relying on many different systems to handle different aspects of your fleet and business you can store everything on the Cloud and all employees who need to access it can do so with the right login information. If you have a problem with a vehicle out on a job, you can get real-time updates on progress and diagnostics from your headquarters. The Cloud is an excellent way to streamline your business operations.

Reduce Expenses

With all your information held in a single, secure hub, you don’t have to worry about relying on a range of different, expensive systems or even as many staff members. You have one location and storage hub for everything which will help reduce the cost of running your business and fleet. That money can then be put back into the business and help you grow your fleet.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics is another benefit of the Cloud and the fact that you can streamline all of your operations through this technology. Using the Cloud allows you to easily access advanced analytics about your fleet and its activities. You can look closely at the areas where your fleet isn’t performing well and act upon them and you can also find where you can make the most profit and grow your business accordingly. Almost all cloud technology providers offer access to high-level analytics, making it easy to optimize your fleet and get the most out of all of your business activity.


Streamlined Feedback and Updates

If you manage a lot of vehicles, you know it’s difficult to keep up with everything they’re doing and what they might need. The Cloud can help you streamline any vehicle feedback, such as service reminders, most productive days/drivers, and a host of other information. This vehicle feedback can help you make important decisions about your business and keep it moving forward.

Also, because the Cloud is an all-in- one system, software updates are simple. Instead of relying on an IT company or specialist to upgrade your systems manually, the Cloud will update all systems seamlessly and efficiently. You won’t have to rely on other people to make sure your information and systems are up to date and you can always benefit from the latest updates and technologies. You will also get new features for your system quicker, which can be used to help grow your business.


Security on The Cloud

Data breaches and hacking are a constant concern for business owners and they can result in loss of capital as well as reputational damage and even loss of customers. Cloud technology is a highly secure option for your business as most providers offer several layers of security protection, encryption and backups to ensure your systems and data are properly protected.

A report on cloud security discovered that service providers experienced an average of 27.8 attacks while on premises providers experienced an average of 61.4 attacks. Secure cloud service providers focus more on secure storage while on premise providers rely more on firewalls and other security blocks that are easy to breach.

The Cloud is a fantastic tool for companies and businesses which require effective fleet management. It allows you to access a plethora of data from wherever you are which allows you to streamline your business. It can help you reduce maintenance costs and reduce your overall expenses with the advanced analytics provided. It is a secure and low-cost way to maintain your fleet and grow your business.