Our methodical approach to cloud migrations, whether from on-site to cloud, between cloud providers, or to an enhanced cloud architecture, deliver measurable gains in performance, scalability, and stability.


Moving From On-Site To The Cloud

Many of our clients start their journey into the cloud with fragmented infrastructure, legacy software, and difficult-to-scale on-site hardware solutions. We’re able to migrate all of those to a new, cloud-based solution, which is easier to manage, and scales more efficiently as business needs change and grow.

By following the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework on almost all of our projects, we ensure that the new solution follows all industry best practices. This delivers clear benefits to security, reliability, efficiency, and cost optimization thus eliminating many of the challenges faced when maintaining and upgrading an old system.

In other instances, our clients choose to move certain workloads from their legacy on-site systems to the cloud. We build an effective hybrid environment to enable this transition.


Recently we worked as an AWS Solutions Architect for a large U.S. mortgage bank, with a hybrid network topology, consisting of around 1,000 nodes. After designing the new architecture, evaluating, and improving every element of their current AWS solution, we used our experience to implement the transition to the newly built infrastructure with minimal downtime for their business.


Architecture Migrations

Our clients come to us seeking to migrate to a new architecture within AWS when faced with performance, stability, or security challenges.

By adopting better standards across their implementation, and thoroughly testing performances, and putting in place appropriate log monitoring and aggregation, we ensure that the new platform is stable, and easy to monitor and maintain.


Cloud-to-Cloud Migrations

With our extensive experience building hybrid architectures, and working with build requirements that are operating system (OS) independent, we can help you deliver an architecture with elements applied using any OS, and in any location – on premises or in any cloud.