There are many reasons to consider hosted phones. These are the top five reasons our customer consider hosted phones.

1. Pay for what you use:

The busy signal is your enemy. Traditional phone systems must always have available phone lines for your customers to dial in. If you don't that means they will receive a busy signal. Typically phone lines are sized by using a 2:1 ratio of handsets to lines. Meaning a typical recommendation for a 10 extension office would be 5 lines. The problem with this traditional methodology is that it does not account for any "high volume" days that could potentially lead to the dreaded busy signal. Most hosted VoIP solutions will allow you to handle a much higher volume of calls in what are called "call queues". This would allow you to handle a much larger volume of calls.

2. Utilize Enterprise functionality without the cost:

Most companies let their technology dictate how they handle calls. Only the companies that spend large sums of money are allowed the flexibility modern features provide. Even though most business's may not currently use these features, they can have a very large benefit. I've found that ring groups (ring multiple phones at once), and automatic call distribution (distribute incoming calls based on phone trees) have an unexpected significant positive impact.

3. Provide your employees the tools they need to be efficient and effective:

More than ever your work force needs to be mobile. They need access to company resources in an ever increasing amount of locations on an ever increasing number of devices. Functionality such as extension dialing, transferring, or even calling from cell phones and tablets is an under-utilized yet extremely valuable tool.

4. Scale your systems as you grow:

In a traditional phone system you must have enough available "ports" to add phone lines or extensions. In a hosted environment you are able to add extensions as your needs change without any hefty investments in infrastructure. You only need one phone per person and in some cases not even that. Like I mentioned in point 3, you can use software to access most hosted resources without ever needing an actual handset.

5. Disaster recovery capabilities:

Why put your business on hold? Whether or not you are out of power, flooded, or unable to conduct business for any reason. Being available for your customer should be your first priority. With hosted solutions you are able to reroute your call volume to any number of locations or devices to ensure your customer needs are met.