I wanted to take the time to show a real world example of how  hosted telephones from Star2Star can save you money. This is on top of all the features that a hosted system provides over an on premise system.

We'll call the company SSC. Here are some of the facts about SSC:

  • 9 Phones total
  • 2 Courtesy phones (no user sitting at them full-time)
  • Roughly ~$50 a month in maintenance. (This is an average of a years worth of support invoices)
  • 10 Direct inward Dials delivered to the phone system via POTS
  • $50 a month in WebEx conference bridge costs
  • CBeyond Beyond Voice Circuit: Delivers business lines over a split T1 that are delivered via standard 66 block cross connects
  • It's also worth noting that the reason we are in contact with SSC is they are currently without a voice mail. Their current voice mail system is not functioning and they have a quote to repair it for roughly $650
  • This brings SSC's rough monthly cost to $790.00 per month.

We took all of this into account and put together a solution from Star2Star. It included the following:

  • 9 Polycom VVX 310
  • 4 Bursting and Pooling lines
  • 7 Application usage licenses  (2 non-user phones)
  • 10 Direct inward dial numbers
  • 1 800 number
  • Faxing capability to their fax machine
  • Netgear 48 port 1G switch with POE
  • Backup 1000VA UPS

Here is the breakdown of costs for the Star2Star system:

Equipment Costs: $4,241.91

Installation: $844.45

Total Upfront Costs: $5,086.36

Monthly Costs: $228.32

To keep things even we will obviously need bandwidth. So add $300.00 a month as a conservative estimate to deliver a T1 in their area. Bringing the total monthly costs to $528.32. This is a savings of $260 per month.

That will mean that the upfront costs will be covered during month 19. With the costs being paid for by month 20. Over the length of the contract, they will have saved roughly $10,500 dollars!


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